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 Bristol Well



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 Echo Canyon Cabin


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 Hyde Well/ Hamlin Valley


 Miller's Point/ Cathedral Gorge

 Oneota/ Coal Valley

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1. Cover Photo Pioche Godbe.JPG

 Pahranagat Valley 


 Pioche Aerial Tramway

 Pioche Consolidated Mill  (Godbe Mill)

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1. Cover Photo Quinn Canyon.jpg
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 Pioche- Raymond & Ely Mine

 Quinn Canyon

 Spring Valley



Early settlers entered what is now Lincoln County in 1849 while en route to Southern California. At that time, Lincoln County and Nevada did not exist. These pioneers eventually entered and named Death Valley. In 1852, Mormons were given the contract by Congress to carry mail from Salt Lake City to San Bernardino. This was the route that they used. Brigham Young established a fort in what is now known as Las Vegas. You can still go see the Mormon Fort Museum near downtown Las Vegas. Mormons continued to use the area as a trade route during the 1850’s. They also established a camp at Meadow Valley in 1858. A Native American first showed a valuable silver ledge to a Mormon named William Hamblin from Meadow Valley in 1863. He told Hamblin that it was called “Panacker”. By 1864, people were arriving in the area. By 1865, the Pahranagat Mining District had been formed to the south of Meadow Valley. Lincoln County was officially formed by the legislature in February of 1866. Modern Clark County was part of Lincoln County at that time. In 1875, a sizable portion of Nye County was ceded to Lincoln County. In 1908, Clark County was created out of the southern portion of Lincoln County. The original county seat was located at Crystal Springs. By 1867, it had relocated to Hiko. The seat was again moved to Pioche in 1871 with the mining boom occurring there. Pioche has remained the county seat. Cattle Ranching and agriculture are the primary industries in Lincoln County today. The population of the county was estimated at approximately 5,200 residents in 2019.

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