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Nevada Ghost Towns and Mining History

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 Carson City   

 Churchill County

 Clark County

 Douglas County

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 Elko County

 Esmeralda County

 Eureka County

 Humboldt County

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Pioche R & E 5.JPG
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 Lander County

 Lincoln County

 Lyon County

 Mineral County

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 Nye County- Southern

 Nye County- Northwestern

 Nye County- North Central

 Nye County- Northeastern

1. Cover Photo Pershing County
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1. Cover Photo Washoe County
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 Pershing County

 Storey County

 Washoe County

 White Pine County

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 Nevada Charcoal Ovens

 NV Cemeteries- South of Hwy 50

 NV Cemeteries- North of Hwy 50 

 NV Cemeteries- Hwy 50 Towns

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Battle Born - Copy.jpg
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 Nevada Historical Markers

 Bibliography and Links

 Other Western States

 Nevada Wildlife

     Many people who aren't from Nevada see the whole state as something that it's NOT. Huge casinos, urban sprawl, busy freeways and 115-degree summer days. That is a correct view of only the very southern tip. This website will represent the vast majority of Nevada. Pioneer mining camps in the remote and beautiful wilderness, 12,000-foot mountain peaks, trout streams, massive cattle ranches, etc. Many non-Nevadans don't realize that gambling doesn't dominate rural Nevada. Mining and ranching does. Wide open country full of trophy elk, mule deer, bighorn sheep and antelope. They don't know that most of the state gets snow in the winter. They don't know that the term "Buckaroo" originated in Northern Nevada and the Great Basin. It's a term of honor given to a specialized group of cowboys that work the massive cattle ranches here. My friends and I have debated on whether the false impression of Nevada is a good thing or a bad thing. Sometimes we feel snubbed that others have the wrong info about our state. Sometimes we justify it by telling ourselves that if others don't know what Nevada is really about, they won't clog our backcountry or hunt our trophy game. I've personally wrestled with it back and forth. In the end, my extreme Battle Born pride won out. I decided to represent the real Nevada here. A few of my friends don't like that idea. Keep Nevada a secret they say... Others love the idea. Show everybody what Nevada is really about... Regardless of which way you lean on the subject, we hope that you like the website.       BATTLE BORN

     For sourcing, I have used a lot of open-source newspaper archives from over a hundred years ago. I have also used Nevada historians like Murbarger, Patera, Paher, Sharp-Howerton, Carlson, Basso, Vanderburg, Ransome, Hall, etc. For all of the living authors that were used, please buy their books. They have put a ton of time and energy into it. Their books are well worth it. I have listed a long library of source material in the Links/Books/Bibliography Section. And check out other Nevada websites like NVTAMI (Nevada Ghost Towns and Beyond), NVExpeditions, Forgotten Nevada, Ray Dunakin, etc. Those websites are linked in the Bibliography Section.

     Battle Born

Battle Born.jpg
Battle Born.jpg

All photographs are the sole property of the owners of this website. We do not relinquish any rights to them. Please ask for permission if you want to use them.

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