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A through J  (Elko County)

1. Cover Photo Angell House.JPG
1. Cover Photo Arthur.JPG
1. Cover Photo Aura.JPG
1. Cover Photo Bressman.JPG

 Angell House



 Bressman Cabin

1. Cover Photo Bull Runs.JPG
1. Cover Photo Bullion.JPG
1. Cover Photo Camp Lamoille.JPG
1. Cover Photo Charleston.JPG

 Bull Run Mountains


 Camp Lamoille


Clover Valley 1.JPG
1. Cover Photo Columbia.JPG
1. Cover Photo Contact.JPG
1. Cover Photo Currie.JPG

 Clover Valley




1. Cover Photo Deeth.JPG
1. Cover Photo Dinner Station.JPG
1. Cover Photo Elko.JPG
1. Cover Photo Fort Halleck.JPG


 Dinner Station


 Fort Halleck

1. Cover Photo Gold Creek.JPG
1. Cover Photo Goshute.JPG
1. Cover Photo Hansen Ranch.JPG
1. Cover Photo Harrison.JPG

 Gold Creek


 Hansen Ranch

 Harrison Pass

1. Cover Photo Independence.JPG
Jack Creek 8 - Copy.JPG

 Independence Valley

 Jack Creek

1. Cover Photo Jarbidge.JPG



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K through Z  (Elko County)

1. Cover Photo Lamoille.JPG
1. Cover Photo Lamoille Creek Relics.JPG
1. Cover Photo Maggie Creek Ranches.JPG
1. Cover Photo Metropolis.JPG


 Lamoille Creek Relics

 Maggie Creek Ranches


1. Cover Photo Midas.JPG
Battle Born - Copy.jpg
1. Cover Photo Miners Gold.JPG
Battle Born - Copy.jpg


 Midas- Gold Circle Mine

 Midas- Miners Gold Mine

 Miners- Unknown Mine

1 Cover Photo Montello.JPG
1. Cover Photo Mountain City.JPG
1. Cover Photo North Fork.JPG
1. Cover Photo Patsville.JPG


 Mountain City

 North Fork


1. Cover Photo Ruby Valley.JPG
1. Cover Photo Seventysix.JPG
Battle Born - Copy.jpg
1. Cover Photo Spanish Ranch.JPG

 Ruby Valley

 Seventy Six Creek


 Spanish Ranch

1. Cover Photo Ada H Mine.JPG
1. Cover Photo Sprucemont.JPG
1. Cover Photo Standard Mine.JPG
1. Cover Photo Star Tungsten.JPG

 Spruce Mtn- Ada H Mine

 Spruce Mtn- Sprucemont

 Spruce Mtn- Standard Mine

 Star Tungsten Mill

1. Cover Photo Starr Valley.JPG
Battle Born - Copy.jpg
1. Cover Photo Tuscarora.JPG
Tusc Independence 1.JPG

 Starr Valley

 Taylor Canyon


 Tuscarora- Independence Mill

Tusc Museum 10.JPG
1. Cover Photo Bruneau River Homestead.JPG
1. Cover Photo Wells.JPG
1. Cover Photo Wilkins.JPG

 Tuscarora Museum

 Unk. Bruneau River Homestead



The link below includes historic ranches and stage stops along the Elko to Hamilton route through the Huntington Valley. 

1. Cover Photo Huntington.JPG

 Elko to White Pine/ Eureka Stage Routes


Elko County was originally part of Lander County. It was established as Elko County in 1869. The Central Pacific Railroad established a route through the towns of Carlin, Elko and Wells (originally Humboldt Wells) in 1868. The city of Elko sprang up as a very rough and violent tent camp. Elko was the original county seat of Elko County and has always maintained that status. Elko was the original home of the University of Nevada, which was moved to Reno in 1884. Elko County has always had very strong roots in cattle ranching and mining. There have been times in the history of Elko County where it has been the number one producer of beef cattle in the entire United States. Elko County was ranked 7th in the nation for beef cattle numbers last year. Northern Nevada and Elko County sit in the heart of the Great Basin of the American West. The word "Buckaroo" originates from this region. There are different versions on the origins of the term Buckaroo. Many believe that when the Spanish Vaqueros from this region were teaching their skills to the white cowboys, the word "Vaquero" was eventually bastardized into "Buckaroo". For almost 40 years, ranchers and cowboys from all over the west have chosen Elko to be the home of the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering. This event is a gathering of educational classes on ranching and cattle raising. Elko County also includes a major gold mining industry. Some of the largest gold mining operations in the world are in Elko County. The population of the county was approximately 53,000 residents in 2019. 

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