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1. Cover Photo Arden Mines.jpg
1. Cover Photo Calico Hills.jpg
1. Cover Photo Goodsprings.JPG
1. Cover Photo Lost Cabin Springs.jpg

 Arden Plaster Mines

 Calico Hills


1. Cover Photo Stolen Glyph.JPG
Younts 9.JPG

 Spring Mountain Petroglyph

 Yount's Sawmill

 Lost Cabin Springs

Goodsprings Mining District

1. Cover Photo Goodsprings Argentena.JPG
1. Cover Photo Goodsprings Azurite.JPG
1. Cover Photo Goodsprings Chiquita.JPG
1. Cover Photo Goodsprings Columbia.JPG

 Argentena Mill

 Azurite/Boss Mine

 Chiquita Mine

 Columbia Mine

1. Cover Photo Goodsprings Fredrickson Mine.JPG
Goodsprings Hoodoo 11.JPG
1. Cover Photo Oro Amigo Mine.JPG
1. Cover Photo Goodsprings Pilgrim.JPG

 Fredrickson Mine

 Hoodoo Mine

 Oro Amigo Mine

 Pilgrim Mine

1. Cover Photo Goodsprings Red Cloud.JPG
1. Cover Photo Speeter Mine.JPG
1. Cover Photo Goodsprings Unk Mine.JPG
1. Cover Photo Goodsprings Whale.JPG

 Red Cloud Mine

 Speeter Mine

 Unknown Mine

 Whale Mine


Clark County was one of the last Nevada counties formed. It was established from the southern portion of Lincoln County in 1908. A little-known fact about Clark County is that a portion was once part of Pah-Ute County in the Arizona Territory before Nevada became a state in 1864. Those familiar with Clark County today, see it for Las Vegas. A huge city known for massive hotels, casinos and 24-hour living. Almost a century prior to gambling being established in Las Vegas, it was a Mormon settlement. It was also a small ranching community and a railroad town. Many of the major streets in Las Vegas today are named after early pioneers and Las Vegas area cattle ranchers. For example, Octavius DECATUR GASS turned the old Mormon Fort into a ranch in 1865. He sold the ranch to Archibald and Helen STEWART in 1880. This occurred decades before Las Vegas gained any prominence or name recognition. Las Vegas was the original county seat in 1908. In 1910, the population of Clark County was 3,321 residents. In 2020, the population was 2,265,461. 

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